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Here at Nataraja, we are happy to customize your Komodo Boat Charter for you. Your Cruise can be a blend of  Diving & Snorkelling as well as a variety of Land sites. Please see below for a small selections we offer to visit during a Komodo Boat Charter on Nataraja Yacht. Usually, 2-3 Sites a day are possible to visit – please let us know if you have any preferences and we will adjust the route accordingly. However, please keep in mind that more site do not necessarily make your time in Komodo better – you are on holiday after all.

Please also note, that each of our Cruises is different and the final decision for stops is always made on-site. The Cruise Director and Captain always need to consider various influences such as currents, weather conditions as well as other boats around. Our experienced Crew  and Cruise Director will always do their best to tailor your Komodo Yacht Charter according to your preferences and their long experience Cruising Komodo National Park.

Komodo Boat Cruises "A la Carte" Nataraja

The Komodo Dragons as well as other wildlife can be found in Rinca and Komodo Island. Choose to visit one of the locations or both.

The area between Gili Lawa Darat and Gili Lawa Laut aka Gili Laba is a excellent place to spend an entire day. There are many Dive and Snorkel sites closely as well as a iconic viewpoint.

A famous spot with 3 bays connected by the island of Padar. 2 of the beaches feature white sand, while one is black – great photos opportunity.

Taka Makassar is the most popular site for sometimes large aggregations of Manta Rays. Very often you can also see them in the close by sites such as Mawan or further south in Manta Alley.

The Flying Foxes of Kalong Island ascent at dawn to their nightly hunt. The setting is truly unique with thousands of them rising into the sky during a Sunset.

Although Komodo is known for strong currents, there are many protected sites for kids and beginners. Sebayur, Kanawa, Siaba Besar, Bidadari are just some of them.

Komodo can be thrill for Advanced Divers. Sites like Batu Bolong, Castle Rock or Shotgun are packed with life and can offer some of the best Diving in the world if the conditions are right.

Iconic for the the color caused by crushed red corals – Pink Beach. Great place for a stroll along the beach and there are good snorkelling sites closely, too.

Only accessible in the right time of the year and for longer Cruises,  Horseshoe Bay feels like the end of the world. Often Dragons and other wildlife can be seen on the beach and there are also many Dive sites around.

The outcrop of the Komodo National Park, Banta Island offers great dive and Snorkel sites with frequent sightings of Sharks and Manta Rays. A great spot to integrate when choosing to do a longer Komodo Boat Charter.

Minggle with the Locals and visit the  descendants of the of sea gypsies on Mesa.  Catch a glimpse of the islanders’ daily lives –  drying sea cucumbers,  processing shell fish or meeting  kids.  “Mesa” means “itchy” and the island was named so due to the itchy sand.

White Sand Beach, great for kids and Adults alike at Kanawa.

There are some easy, yet good Dive Sites around, too.

Often a stop on the first day of the Yacht Charter – perfect location to try out some Snorkelling or Diving Gear and get used to the warm waters of Flores Island.

Popular for limestone formations, Sebayur is a perfect location for relaxed Diving and Snorkelling or some Sea Kayaking.

A tranquil Bay to lounge and relax in the afternoon. There are often dozens of Turtles around and the Hard Coral garden is truly spectacular for Diving and Snorkelling alike at Siabar.

Nataraja has some own secret beaches around the Komodo National Park, come onboard to discover them.

The town of Labuan Bajo itself is not part of the itinerary, but usually starting and ending point of the Cruise. There are quite a number if good restaurants around to go out when staying overnight before or after your Yacht Charter in Komodo.

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